Genuine Brother DR-3400 Drum Unit

The Genuine Brother DR-3400 Black Drum Unit – Single Pack. Prints 30,000 pages.

This genuine replacement drum unit has been expertly designed for use with your Brother laser printer. The DR-3400 Drum Unit ensures that your printer’s able to continue delivering top quality results, ensuring your important documents are reproduced with all the clarity they deserve.

Key Features

  • Delivers up to 30,000 printed pages
  • High quality genuine Brother drum
  • Prevents waste, to save time and money


Ensure your Brother printer continues to deliver the exceptional results you’ve come to expect by choosing a DR-3400 Drum Unit.

Though there are cheaper replacement alternatives available, only a genuine DR-3400 Drum Unit guarantees that your machine will continue to perform as quickly and efficiently as it should. 

Remember that using Brother supplies is the only way to ensure that your printer continues to work at its very best and that any warranty you hold remains valid too.

So order the DR-3400 Drum Unit from Brother today – designed to keep your Brother printer working at its best and provide you with better value over time. 

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