Katunäkymä hehkuvan punaisesta, sinisestä ja pinkistä talosta.

Colour for life and business: decoding the rainbow 

Colour is an extremely powerful and emotive thing. As well as providing inspiration and offering a means of expression, it impacts us consciously and subconsciously.

Colour also often holds deep personal, cultural and commercial significance. Did you know the human eye has six million colour-detecting molecules, which enable us to see up to 10 million shades of colour?

What do these different colours mean to us in life and business? To recognise International Colour Day on 21st March, we've unearthed some interesting facts about primary and secondary colours to help you decode the rainbow.  
International Colour Day infographic containing facts about primary and secondary colours to help you decode the rainbow

At your side to colour your world 

Brother launched its first ever colour printer model, the dot matrix M-1024 in 1985. Ever since, we've strived to create devices that offer high-quality output with bold colours and clear definition.

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