Ženklinimo juosta 9mm, 15m


9 mm, balta laminuota juosta, ant kurios spausdinama juoda spalva, 15m.

Brother juostos kasetės yra sukurtos puikiai veikti su mūsų P-touch ženklinimo prietaisais, suteikiant jums nepriekaištingus rezultatus ir geriausią kainos bei kokybės santykį.

Daugiau informacijos apie šį produktą...

This genuine Brother TX-315 labelling tape cassette is guaranteed to provide you with labels that last. Composed of several layers that hold in all temperatures and environments, the versatile TX-315 labels will stay as crisp and readable as the day they were applied.

Both UV and water resistant, the TX-315 tape can withstand chemicals, abrasion, sunlight and submersion in water.  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this self-adhesive TX-315 laminated label tape has been extensively tested to ensure it can be used anywhere and everywhere.

The TX-315 is perfect for helping identify shelf edges, file folders, storage boxes and cables, whether that be in the office, workplace or home. Compatible with all P-touch label printers that show the TX logo on the tape cassette cover, The TX-315 tape offers the performance and versatility you’ll need to complete almost any labelling task.

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